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Tug of war; Tau Sigma sorority

Greeks unite for Greek Week

Brittney Frederick, Staff Reporter

This past week, members of Carthage Greek life banded together for a week of exciting events in order to promote and facilitate Greek unity. The week kicked... READ MORE »»

Tug of war; Tau Sigma sorority

Current Photo by Lindsey Watson

Carthage Allies execute No H8 Week

Ryeshia Farmer, Staff Reporter

Carthage Allies executed an annual No Hate Week just in time to meet a progression of social justice movements surrounding the lesbian, gay, bisexual and... READ MORE »»

The band, 21 Hours, played to support Habitat for Humanity at their benefit concert.

Habitat for Humanity takes center stage

Erin Ulanowicz, Staff Reporter

Habitat for Humanity is an international organization focused on providing affordable housing for low income families. The chapter at Carthage builds homes... READ MORE »»

The band, 21 Hours, played to support Habitat for Humanity at their benefit concert.

Lester Munson, ESPN's legal expert, spoke at Carthage last week about college sports, steroids, and the Olympics

ESPN legend visits Carthage

Matt Thome, Sports Editor

During the week of March 10, ESPN legal analyst Lester Munson visited Carthage College as the Johnson Distinguished Visitor. During his time on campus,... READ MORE »»

Lester Munson, ESPN's legal expert, spoke at Carthage last week about college sports, steroids, and the Olympics

Student government elections

Chelsea Reuter, Staff Photographer

What are your main goals if elected?   Presidential Candidate Marissa Gray ‘ 15 Presidential Candidate: Marissa Gray, ‘15 “The main thing... READ MORE »»


April’s State of the College address

Ryeshia Farmer, Staff Reporter

President Gregory Woodward, officers of Student Government, and others met on Tuesday, April 8 for the State of the College Address. Retention (especially of first year students), advising, a perspective... read story

Police bike auction helps students

Kyle Goodwin, Staff Reporter

Bikes are a big part of campus. Many students use them to go from place to place and as a form of exercise, but with so many of them left outside during the winter weather, so many are now little better... read story

Thomas Dickens, Johnson Hall Director and Director of Community Service and Leadership Development, organized and spoke at FLAME this spring.

Students speak at FLAME leadership series

John Bart, Staff Reporters

On Monday, April 7, the semi-annual FLAME leadership series took place at Carthage. This series brings speakers from across campus, including faculty, staff and students, to present on topics pertaining... read story

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April Fool’s Day gone wrong

Kelsy Nilles, Staff Reporter

Although everyone is on the look-out for jokesters, some people are still gullible enough to believe the absurd. Those who participated in this past April Fool’s Day will relish in their accomplished... read story

Autism and Chili’s

Dominique Sajtar, Staff Reporter

With April being Autism Awareness Month, Chili’s wanted to show their support by donating 10 percent of a table’s check to the National Autism Association (NAA). This was a wonderful idea to help support... read story

World Cup woes

Meg Odhiambo , Staff Reporter

The World Cup is and has always been a huge event characterized by pomp and grandeur. In an effort to keep up or surpass the preceding games, the host countries try to outdo themselves by erecting imposing... read story

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Brian Huntsinger, '14, gets a pat on the back from his coach for scoring a run.

Red Men baseball has successful week

Robbie Schwerdtfeger, Sports Reporter

The Carthage College Red Men’s Baseball team (13-11, 6-6 College Conference of Illinois & Wisconsin)... read story

Final Masters Standings

Masters final recap April 13

Jeff Weaver, Sports Reporter

Augusta National Golf Club. Augusta Georgia – Par 72, 288   1. Bubba Watson   69-68-74-69-280   T2.... read story

Jake Lorentzen '16 on attacks the net in Wednesday's game against Elmhurst

Men’s LAX win over Elmhurst

Jeff Weaver, Sports Reporter

The Carthage Red Men (9-4, 5-1 MLC) looked to get back on track Wed., April 9 at Art Keller Field against... read story

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Fort Hood faces second shooting

Erick Carlson, Staff Reporter

Ivan Lopez, an enlisted soldier, opened fire at Fort Hood killing three and injuring 16 before killing... read story

15 New Emotions

John Bart, Staff Reporter

Until recently, scientists had identified only six basic human emotions. These emotional categories are... read story

ERROR 404: Freedom not found

Jason Olson, Staff Reporter

Earlier this month, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, in cooperation with the National Coalition Against... read story

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Rainbow over the Muldrow Glacier

April showers don’t just bring May flowers

Ashley Pavlak, Blogger

Now that the harsh winter has left us for good, the old phrase “April showers bring May flowers”... read story


The McConaissance – Who’s Next?

Dana Ehrmann, Blogger

In the past few years, Matthew McConaughey has experienced a career resurrection. He was never really... read story

Just go where the wind takes you…even into a tree

Ashley Pavlak, Blogger

Anybody walking down campus drive can tell you that we have a windy campus. That lake likes nothing... read story

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Game of Thrones: Power games, deceit and dragons (SPOILERS)

Tory Martinez, Copy Editor

On April 6, Game of Thrones fans all over the world rejoiced as Season Four premiered in grand style... read story

Letterman retires

Jonah Solheim, Staff Reporter

On April 3, David Letterman announced to his audience that, sometime in 2015, he would retire as host... read story

CAB movie: “Ride Along”

Jonah Solheim, Staff Reporter

This week CAB screened Cube Vision’s comedy “Ride Along” in the Union Theater. Kevin Spacey’s... read story

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